Parajet XT172 Engine The first fixed-point ignition 2-stroke paramotor engine

Parajet XT172 Engine
Parajet XT172 Paramotor Engine

The first fixed-point ignition 2-stroke paramotor engine

What do pilots want from a 2-stroke engine?  Reliability, lightweight, efficiency and power. Parajet believes they have cracked all four.

Benefiting from a design makeover, the Parajet XT172 Aero Engine has many new innovations. The Parajet XT172 Aero Engine boasts reliability, efficiency and power while reducing the weight by almost 3kg.

The new Parajet XT172 Aero Engine is the first 2-stroke to have a fixed-point ignition; this engine is not prone to pre-detonation which is the major cause of catastrophic engine failure in 2-stroke aero engines due to holed pistons.

Features & Benefits

Crankcase & prop-bracket - The prop-bracket and crankcase have been combined into one component and all unnecessary material removed but with strengthening fillets added to the critical areas. Fixing screws have been reduced in length without compromising strength. Gas flow within the crankcase has been improved and the overall volume reduced both of which enhance performance. Oil-ways to the crankshaft bearings have been modified to improve lubrication. Greatly increased surface area of the crankcase has also improved cooling.

Starter motor and bracket - the existing starter motor has been retained but moved closer to the carburettor making the unit more compact. The starter bracket is now mounted to the crankcase and been changed to reduce weight, improve support and simplifies mounting and dismounting of the engine.

Ignition system - utilises a single-point ignition system making this engine not prone to pre-detonation which is the major cause of catastrophic engine failure in 2-stroke aero engines due to holed pistons. Our much lighter, stronger and corrosion-proof magneto wheel is now manufactured from stainless steel.

Battery - the lead-acid battery has been replaced with a Lithium Polymer unit. The disadvantage of having to charge this battery outside the machine is more than made up for buy the weight saving and the greater number of starts between charges. The problem of leaking acid has also been eliminated.

Propeller shaft - the eccentric propeller shaft is manufactured from stainless steel and considerably lighter. The clamping bolt has been enlarged to 10mm and now engages in a groove on the shaft to prevent it from sliding in the clamp. This has eliminated the need for the retaining washer and screw.

Technical Specifications

Engine Type: Single cylinder 2 stroke
Cylinder Volume: 172cc
Cooling: Air cooled
Power: 22hp @ 7,800 rpm
Weight: 9.64kg engine block - 13.48kg complete inc electrics
Carburettor: Walbro
Starter: Electric

Upgrade to the new Parajet XT engine

Upgrade your current engine to the next generation Parajet XT Aero Engine. The upgrade package will ensure the performance of your paramotor will be as per the Volution 2 specification with a weight saving of almost 3kg and an increase in performance and reliability. The upgrade includes all required modification parts such as ignition system, integrated crankcase/prop bracket, crank shaft, magneto wheel, driven and drive pulleys, bearings, carburettor and LiPo battery.

Engine upgrade cost and will include free fitting. Customers can also benefit from offsetting some of their existing usable engine parts for upgraded parts, thus further reducing the upgrade price. Parajet will advise after inspection which parts will qualify for the offset program.

Manufacturer Enquiries

The Parajet XT Aero Engine is also available to other paramotor manufacturers. For more information please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or call +44(0)1747 861368

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